All just One

Man has NO grasp of anything really. All he knows is basic instincts, sex, food, shelter etc no more than any animal. He seems incapable of contemplating his simple and obvious origin. The item, object, even thoughts came out of the Earth, the Earth came out of something…e.g. the Sun or something similar…then the Sun came out of etc etc…..Well, this weird paradoxical is where YOU have come from…..Out of some sort of impossible void eventually over a vast period of what we call time a planet cooled down and grew what we call life. Apparently electrons orbit nuclei, and planets orbit stars…..from an orange which has a stalk and an indentation where the stalk is, to a man which has an umbilical cord and a belly button… it is very obvious that all existence is “one”…related, connected, all from the same source, ALL just ONE organism separated only by what we call thoughts, and especially religious beliefs.

Bill Bryant

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  1. Audrey says:

    Nice to read your blog