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Dementia, Alzheimer’s – Unofficial Causes

Whatever the official causes are, I think there are plenty of unofficial causes as well….. So many things that human’s do seem harmful to me…..Teach your children to stroke and pet puppies, kittens, etc., but then give them brutally murdered … Continue reading

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Karma has become merely a word for people to use when it’s generally safe for them to use, and applies to someone else. Karma is a law, and it is very very real. The glory of “God” is to hide … Continue reading

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Human Aspiration

You know when you watch someone cleaning their new car, especially when their neighbour is cleaning theirs, and when someone buys their first suit for their job, and walks a new walk, and when someone get’s promoted to fast food … Continue reading

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What is the meaning of life?

If somebody asked…”What is the meaning of life ?” My reply might be, “What can you do that is a “good”, if you cannot know anything for sure ?” Contemplate this for as long as it takes to get it…when … Continue reading

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