Dementia, Alzheimer’s – Unofficial Causes

Whatever the official causes are, I think there are plenty of unofficial causes as well…..

So many things that human’s do seem harmful to me…..Teach your children to stroke and pet puppies, kittens, etc., but then give them brutally murdered animal to eat…man’s consciousness isn’t confined only to that which he can see, hear, remember etc….his “innermost” consciousness knows everything…including that his day to day self is living in delusion, e.g. Believing in non-existent Gods, worshipping people like pop stars as though they are Gods of some sort, munching through the soul and terror of the nearest murdered animal without questioning it……in the same way a man may die relatively young to “get away” from a tyrannical wife, similarly, the brain may well crave senility in order to get away from an incessant life of insanity and falsehood…..

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