Human Aspiration

You know when you watch someone cleaning their new car, especially when their neighbour is cleaning theirs, and when someone buys their first suit for their job, and walks a new walk, and when someone get’s promoted to fast food manager, and talks a new talk…..well all human aspiration and achievement is just the same…..

Bill Bryant

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8 Responses to Human Aspiration

  1. John says:

    What should be human aspiration then?

    • Bill says:

      When you consider that there is no evidence whatsoever of a “meaning” to life except to reproduce, DO NOT find yourself wasting your “life” not doing the things you truly would quite like to do…Human rules are for those who lack courage and honesty…On route it is preferable to not hurt others, but REMEMBER, people do tend to be cattle…..

  2. Alan says:

    Dear Bill,
    thanks for this web site and your clear expression.
    I have become very interested in free will or the lack of it? I see clearly in my own life that the situations I find myself in were definitely not by my design! I see that the set of multiple circumstances that led up to any situation in my life were completely out of my hands.
    However, if I am doing a mundane task like making a cup of coffee then it really seems that I am making all the moves as a conscious choice. My feeling is that if I truly have no volition on these bigger circumstances and that logically this must translate into all apparent choice. Without making choicelessness into an excuse I sense the freedom and compassion in this knowing?
    I would be very grateful to hear your guidance on this. My warmest regards, Alan.

    • Bill says:

      Howdy Alan !

      Thanks for your question…

      There are always innumerable reasons why one thinks change is impossible. Evaluate them critically. Very often they are other people’s reasons and one has adopted them too easily. What is common is usually not creative.

      One of the main issues that leaps to mind re-your question is the subject of karma…to me karma is NOT just a silly Indian style and trendy thing to say. Karma is a certain thing…for every action there will be an equal and opposite reaction. Whether one chooses to believe in re-incarnation or not, the concept of an equal and opposite reaction (karma) cannot be left out…What I’m getting at is everything that we are is the product of a past action. I sense a Freudian motive as part of your question…no problem, the whole universe is Freudian… Karma is very very real, and it will definitely dictate all our circumstances in this life. In order for human evolution to be possible, our karma is hidden from most people. Free will or lack of ? To not just “give up” to fate, but to creatively accept our life as absolutely right, with a joyous and grateful acceptance of our life as it is, is a truly spiritual act, and a super powerful way of growing…heaven will want to help that aspirant with everything from answers to questions to a straightening of paths…..

  3. Alan says:

    Thanks so much Bill. Its wonderful to not have to fall into extremes, thanks again, Alan.

  4. Alma says:

    This is cool!