Karma has become merely a word for people to use when it’s generally safe for them to use, and applies to someone else. Karma is a law, and it is very very real. The glory of “God” is to hide and disguise your karma so that your “fate” seems “unfair”…just like you were in another time and place…..

The beauty of the law of karma is to make you feel that it is being unfair…It nearly always “swaps” the “eye for an eye” to an “eye for a tooth” so that you don’t get it !

Bill Bryant

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One Response to Karma

  1. John says:

    Glory of God is to hide…, I detect a bit of sarcasm :-) “swaps” the “eye for an eye” to an “eye for a tooth” – Brilliant. I’ve not heard this said before; has really helped. Thanks.