What is the meaning of life?

If somebody asked…”What is the meaning of life ?” My reply might be, “What can you do that is a “good”, if you cannot know anything for sure ?”
Contemplate this for as long as it takes to get it…when you do get it, it will be worth it ! Great Liberation !

Around 40 years ago, my first guru asked a roomful of his followers, admirers, and other visitors, “What is the secret of life ?” He then pointed at someone in the room for an answer…..ooooh on and on they went with some answer involving love…he pointed at another and got a suitable and similar response…I wondered what I would say if he asked me…..he did ask me…..nervously I thought and searched for a good go at it…..the more and more I thought, all I could see was vanity, stupendous ignorance and downright stupidity in every possible so called answer….He waited, looking, eventually, quietly and nervously, and with as much awareness of my own indescribable smallness as I could imagine I said one word…..”nothing”…..

The guru nodded, and then spoke for about an hour on the meaning of life…..I sat and tried to listen more than actually I did listen…..Later that evening, when all the “other” people had left, we the “inner” circle were told that we could go up to his room, and sit there with him, which we gladly did. As we were settling, the guru was also just getting comfortable on his bed…..suddenly he said, “oh, what William said was the correct answer, but if I had said that downstairs, everyone would have thought that there is nothing”…..

Bill Bryant

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2 Responses to What is the meaning of life?

  1. Paul says:

    Is it true that following false idols can be rewarded highly if the follower is totally sincere and pure of heart, although ignorant that his God is perhaps not a valid one to follow ?

    • Bill says:

      Definitely !

      What you get here is that due to past karma, (often a mixture of some real good and real bad) one has attracted a false master. There will be “issues” to be sorted…work extra hard on those “little” faults…loads of fun in many ways…Amongst other things, “false masters” are often VERY high souls…I like your question very much…