Babaji is only guru “shaped”…a “clue”

Babaji is only guru “shaped”…Part of me is pleading for more people to “get it”…On earth, pride seems to be in every atom. There is no difference between the ultimate paradox of creation actually existing, and Babaji’s continued proof of his actual existence…both are impossible by man’s reasoning, yet both are here…they are the same “clue” for mankind….

Would I go see him if he appeared? Good question.

When I first had my visits from him I would CRAVE to see him again and would have travelled anywhere. I wouldn’t now.

I’ve grown and grown…it’s along the lines of, “People speak like they believe in this and that as their god, but, they do not ACT as though they believe this and that is their god”… Our Babaji is REAL!! He is without doubt HERE, ANYWHERE, RIGHT NOW…Remember, I am NOT just saying this, I have seen this, I experience this, and try for real to live this!!

Bill Bryant.

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