What is the ultimate challenge to man’s thinking? Hold on, I need to wash the car!

I could be wrong, but I seriously doubt it…but I don’t think there will EVER come a time when man genuinely works out where the original matter for the universe to exist came from. It is the ultimate paradox and mystery. Just saying, “God did it” seems a bit lacking really, especially when one can’t help but notice that there is no real evidence of “God” doing anything ever “except” perform creation if he did, and then of course, albeit and rather stupidly perhaps, we would then have to ask where God came from….. It is the ultimate challenge to man’s thinking, horrible in many ways, the higher one’s ability to reason, the higher one’s IQ, the more agonising the question of “HOW” becomes…..Equally incredible perhaps despite this monumental challenge to all reasoning is the fact that people are still obsessed with cleaning their new car ?!

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