I would love to see a society of REAL people!

I love to point out that one can always halve or double anything forever…Split an atom, the electron, then the quark and so on, double ANY distance, and then double that and so on…..This concept of actual blatant infinity often doesn’t go very well with the finite orientated human being…..

Why do I write down my personal visions of a universal way of being I don’t hear you ask ?…..

I write these things I think, because I would love to see a society of real people, thinking people, forward thinking people, people that can see through this world of the apparent. People that are not money orientated, people that are not pride and ego crazed, people that can actually see through this “match flame” that ordinary people call life, people that can genuinely embrace that everything can only come from one source, to see everything as one, one breathing organism, you me, the dog, the alien….

Bill Bryant.

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