The grass grew back…..reincarnation

I have seen reincarnation happen…I’m serious…..Or at least it looks and acts so much like reincarnation that it would be more mad to deny it than accept it ! I have seen it only with my pets…not a human (yet). The rebirth of my pets had to be seen to be believed. It was beyond ANY doubt whatsoever that it really was them…I could speak of the nearest thing to “proof” later if anyone would like. The way it happened is simply that I “asked” them to please come back…all that’s needed for this to happen is respect for the inner most being of the pet, to see it as a soul exactly like our own, to explain to it how you feel, that you love it, and miss it, and that if it’s OK with “you”, that you would like him / her to return. I think if your grief is too great, this will not help for things to flow too well…One MUST respect that death is inevitable and a part of one’s journey. One must stay calm, balanced, and respectful to the laws of nature. Don’t worry too much about where and when to find your loved one, it tends to just happen…..

Bill Bryant.

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