Follow obediently the universal laws

In China the dragon has a meaning altogether different from that given it in the Western world. The dragon is a symbol of the electrically charged, dynamic, arousing force that manifests itself in the thunderstorm. In human terms here the great man has attained the sphere of the heavenly beings. His influence spreads and becomes visible throughout the whole world. Everyone who sees him may count himself blessed.

However, if the dragon should exceed his proper limits, this is said…

In the realm of the spirit, one can only follow obediently the universal laws. What deviates from them, is always wrong. If man tries to lead according to his own human laws, he shuts the door on the universe, and life will fail….

What is spiritual life on Earth without food on the table, without an employer !? How many wonders of the world have died out for the lack of strength to support them…..? My observation of nature itself is the same, it supports that person who maintains security in peoples lives…

Bill Bryant.

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