Just be you.


Mahavatar Babaji

I think near nothing about anything…everything for human’s is a cross between madness, illusion, vanity, blind judgement, ego mania…for God’s sake just be anything that feels like you……Babaji is my absolute lord for sure because he came to me, how can you argue with that ? To me he is virtually God, and I KNOW he is VERY with me…even so, I will still just be me because it is the lesser of so many evils…humans have an absolute genius for snatching hypocrisy from the jaws of simplicity…..

Bill Bryant

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One Response to Just be you.

  1. John says:

    Great picture. Simplicity, yes, so simple in fact it’s literally unbelievable. Love your comment ‘think near nothing about anything’ – people pollute the universe with thinking – what are they thinking about? Stop it!