Meeting Babaji.

Babaji Old and New

Babaji Old and New

I prayed very very deeply, and concentrated more than I have ever done. “Babaji, if you exist, and I think you do, please come”…..Almost as if in trance, I walked with this prayer to a certain favorite spot that was very uphill. This was
actually the famous Glastonbury Tor. I walked slowly, and had only that prayer like thought wave, repeating it again and again. At this time, I had only ever heard of the Babaji from the Yogananda book. So that is the one I prayed to. Soaked in sweat, I arrived at my chosen place, and slowly went to sit down…..Instantly a 19ish year old Indian looking youth was THERE, in my face, arm outstretched, he put his hand on my head, and said, “ooooh, look at you”…..His appearance was so sudden, so abrupt….I immediately felt “something”, “no, it can’t be” I thought…Slightly nervous I sat down, he sat down beside me…..A few words were spoken, then he was GONE ! I instantly shot up, and looked frantically around, I ran round everywhere looking for him…..Nothing.

When I got home, I described him to my wife, and I told her of the abruptness of the youth’s appearance. I described him as Indian looking and yet slightly red Indian looking, long arms, long black hair, perfect to look at, beautiful in a slightly feminine way…..All I knew was the Babaji from the Yogananda book. The awesome celestial Babaji that materialized a palace. Remember, there was never an actual photograph of him…..Only a line drawing…..I honestly had NEVER heard of this “new” Babaji that lived from 1970 until 1984.Even if I had, I don’t think I would have believed it was him anyway. I tend to doubt nearly everything that humans say anyway…..However…..

About 3 months later, I got my first PC, and bang…It was him !

If you study the many photographs of the “new” Babaji, you will see that he hardly looks the same in any of them ! One or two of the new pictures when placed side by side to the Yogananda Babaji, and yes, they really do look the same….. I’ve had another mind bending visit from him as well, this also seems to prove that they really are the same Babaji !

Bill Bryant

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