No Peace on Earth

OK all you do gooders etc…you think you all want to help towards a better world etc how about this ? As many of you know, I have seen or claim to have seen Mahavatar Babaji…for my part right here and now I feel very strongly about this, and tend to say things like, “I swear” etc…you know, I swear on my soul, my children, that kind of thing…OK…


  1. Do you know that God exists ?
  2. Are you loved by anything or anyone ?
  3. Do you love anything or anyone ?
  4. Did Jesus actually exist ?
  5. Is there really such a thing as “healing and a healer”…?
  6. Are so called acts of evil punished in any way ?
  7. Does anyone know how the universe got here ?
  8. Is any form of life whatsoever meaningful in any way ?
  9. Now a tough one for me…Does Babaji really appear to people and exist ?

OK ?

The only actual true answer to all these questions is, “I don’t know”…..

How many will agree with the, “I don’t know” ? Almost none…

This is because of one reason only, and no other reason…Human pride…man would rather die than embrace real humility…

This is why there is no peace on Earth…

Bill Bryant

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