Time Travel – Back to the Beginning

I have programmed my ship to go “backwards” at the rate of 40 million years per 24 Earth hours…First I will be observing the actually Earth…this will take approx 1 year to get back to it’s “appearance” within our solar system…my best guess is that it simply came from the Sun…(a spin off)…Then I will continue to hurtle backwards in a once and for all attempt to see where “everything” came from, and not just the moon, Earth etc….

Seriously…my best guess is that as you go further and further back, and the more and more you see what came out of what, and how this was formed, and kept going back and back until you really did get to the bit where it all came from….keep going back, keep going back…..everything comes out of something right ? An orange comes from an orange tree etc…a tree come from a planet, a planet comes from bigger “thing” a star or something…everything is traceable as to where it came from….you really do get to the point where you can’t really go back any further…then SUDDENLY, there is nothing, just nothing…keep going back though…then SUDDENLY, you find the “dead” previous universe…keep going back, then the previous universe is alive of course because you are moving backwards in time……in other words, you still will never actually see how creation came to ever exist…..God would be laughing.

Bill Bryant

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