Just Ask

Just ask…..Anything you need or even want, just ask…just close your eyes reverently and ask……..easy ? Yes and no…..

The “not” so easy reasons…..Most human’s deep deep down subconsciously do not believe that they deserve happiness…this causes the “wish, the prayer, the desire, the cure” to be limited…I will get better in three years, I will succeed in three years etc etc…..limited right up to actually never even asking in the first place…..

The “easy” version…..You are made of eternal space dust ! You are made of eternal cosmic, universal “God” particles, the same “spirit” from eternity itself, the same “stuff” with no beginning and no end. Just ask with no doubt, no fear, no reservation…..you have every right to wholeness, to happiness, to life…no less than any cat, dog, or child ! I tend to close my eyes, and simply ask like a trusting child…I see white light, I recognise my universal origin, my universal right to be who and what I am, and I simply ask…..Personally I tend to ask three times slowly, reverently, and precise…expressing gratitude after each request. You must make sure NO reserve enters. No embarrassment, no guilt, no fear…just ask…..Afterwards I remain ever receptive to the answers and solutions that may come up. Remember, the universe thinks bigger than a human mind ! The answer you seek may live next door !

Bill Bryant

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