What is enlightenment?

Enlightenment…If I may, and I do mean if I may…what I mean by if I may is that I do not presume to be some sort of final word or authority on any subject…..So, if I may, the word enlightenment is just that…a word…a word introduced some decades ago to the West. and whether one likes it or not, the word enlightenment instantly conjures up in the minds of the ego mad West dreams of untold power, knowledge, levitation and then even more power…The human mind has an overwhelming tendency to reduce everything to it’s own level…..healing for instance is only actually an unconscious attempt by human’s to mimic Jesus (whether Jesus actually existed or not)…..that is why about 99% of healing never works…it is the same with enlightenment…..I don’t know if you have heard of Mahavatar Babaji or not, but he is the original “God man” but above all he is the ONLY God man there has ever been, and ever will be…..Because of his existence, human’s erroneously believe that there are many so called enlightenment “guru’s” all over the place…there are not though, most of so called guru’s also are unconsciously mimicking Babaji…Babaji is eternal, seemingly omnipotent, etc etc he really does exhibit all these things without a doubt…..NO ONE ELSE DOES…people scream that this guru, that guru etc etc is all these things when it is totally obvious they are not these things, they all die for a start…Babaji is the only one that is these things…

If I were to talk of enlightenment, I would speak of it only as an expression of ultimate common sense as the above post say’s…..that is ALL it is ! Almost no one will ever reach this though due to pride, they will always reduce everything to their own level…..

The reason such a simple thing as common sense can go as far as unleashing even great forces like the kundlini is because man has had things like simplicity, truth telling, and common sense damned up for SO LONG, that when it is suddenly released, there is a shock surge of energy like an elastic band being released…..

This is why the not so recent guru’s always exacted such rigorous disciplines such as “no sex, no drink, no talking, “being kept waiting”, humbling treatment the whole time…then when the guru felt fit, it could be easy for him to grant spiritual experiences to the devotee…..the devotee being thus prepared by having his ego not crushed by a human teacher, but by having his ego powdered by a loving master…..

Bill Bryant

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