Do not let your “human-ness” fool you

You know the way you love your own child or children at least as much as yourself ? Well, bigger and better than that is to realise that every atom in the universe is actually you…..every atom in the universe is actually you, really it is, whether we realise it or not. I honestly intimately know this, but even though I know this, it is not always possible to function in such a universal way…..Apart from Babaji, all creations are like this…even with the highest realisation of all truths there are, ALL creations will still temporarily experience feelings consistent with their species…a dog will want his “walk”…..a cat will kill a bird…even Jesus expressed a certain fear of death…..humans will feel the need for what we call sex, so that they can experience that “oneness” for a moment, that is part of our higher self…..When I see that I am “just” a human, I NEVER let this distract me from my higher self…Does the dog or the cat feel guilty ? Do NOT let your “human-ness” fool you !

Bill Bryant

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