All these gurus and yogis. Take responsibility for your own soul

Mahavatar Babaji
All these gurus and yogis, there they are explaining samadhi this, nirvana that…..with absolutely no proof or even evidence of anything…worse than that is the followers that accept this without question…madness…My first guru Sri Sri Mentu Maharaj blatantly exhibited most of the occult powers (siddhis) listed in Pantanjali’s yoga aphorisms…..Today’s so called guru’s don’t even know what you are talking about, let alone their followers. The followers simply spew their ignorance over their friends etc in an attempt to look like they have achieved something…..Mentu Maharaj knew all of everyone’s thoughts all at once, I once realised that he had bi-located, he could beat chess masters at chess, he effected cures for any ailment, he could “remove” his “ear and eye” and place them anywhere he wanted…he often in fact would “place his ear” right by someone that was whispering in another room, then repeat their conversation…..he did this on me once, and repeatedly showed me that he could “hear” regardless no matter how quietly I whispered…..he could enter anyone at will, and transfer great knowledge to them, then take it back if he wished (or leave it with them)…….THIS was the way of the ancient masters, Neem Karoli Baba for instance…..but there are no masters now, one reason for this is because they could see coming the moral and spiritual disintegration of the human being….satisfied spiritually so easily by chewing gum…’s teachers are near useless, all they have to offer is a big beard…..

Any truly spiritual person would find themselves incapable of believing that they were more worthy of going to a so called heaven than other people anyway…..Early Christians did not think things like this…..Kings and churches have easily turned people into ostracizing hate machines……for money and power…..early Christians believed in reincarnation whether you understand or believe it or not… a good person now, for real…take responsibility for your own soul…don’t just sit there like a baby bird waiting to be told you are good…

Bill Bryant

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