Redemption of Mankind. Lord Krishna.

I have come to this world with a single resolution – ‘redemption of mankind’. Whatever I have gathered from ‘man’ is heart rending but not enough to make a place in my heart. I have seen a soul taking birth a thousand times and going through the tortures of ‘Karma’. The aimlessness of the soul is prompted by his ‘karmas’, I have always tried to show the right direction to men, but very few have used my guidance. Even today, the souls belonging to ‘Mahabharat’ days are still wandering. It was easy to deal with one ‘Dushashan’ and one ‘Shakuni’. But in this modern era there is no dearth of ‘Dushashana’ and ‘Duryodhan’. Yesterday’s man was committed to his promises comparatively modern man is fickle. He lacks commitment and devotion. He can change his perspective within no time. Since the Mahabharat days man has not changed. Only the attitudes of man have changed. The man of the ‘past’ could give free reign to his thoughts and it is indeed sad to say that today’s man does not enjoy the freedom of thoughts, I roam around in different guises to observe and assess ‘man’ in varied situations. I cannot give any help to the man of today unless I study him thoroughly. During the course of my wanderings, I keep changing my guises. I was close to Lord Krishna. I had a strange love and hate relationship with Krishna. He was all time planning something new. I was not opposed to Krishna but I was opposed to his thoughts. The great war ‘Mahabharat’ was Lord Krishna’s creation. ‘Krishna’ was the chief protagonist of this drama. In fact he had come in human incarnation to ‘play’ this great ‘role’. He was ‘Nar’ (human) as well ‘Narayan’. Generally it is assumed that Krishna was amorous by nature and freely indulged in pleasures., but this is a misconception, ’Krishna’, enjoyed the worldly pleasures but kept away from physical pleasures. Even the birth of his child was by viture of his sankalp Shakti (sankalp power). He had appeared in his mayic forms before all the women. It is important to note that he neither abandoned his flute or his peacock’s feather. A peacock’s feather symbolises the celibacy. Its tears have the potential to procreate. Krishna left his gross body after completing the mission of his life – restoration of religious and moral values. Thereupon he became ‘Krishnamaya’ – (absorbed in his own glory). Primarily, because of this reason we can ever forget him. The objective of my wanderings is to guide men who are endowed with sanskaras.
Mahavatar Babaji

Bill Bryant

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