The brain is the ultimate fraud

Apart from my staggering experience(s) with Babaji…I am principally a Taoist…To me the “brain” is the ultimate fraud…and that combined with the absolute impossibility of the universe ever existing…I choose to as best I can, believe in absolutely nothing, including that…to think is absolute ego madness and stupidity…nothing can EVER be what it seems no matter what…I like to have a good drink, a good woman, and a good motorbike…..if I was gay, that would be different…I would like a good drink, a good bloke and a good motorbike…..

People including yourself will always try to put you in every prison in the universe…”are you kind” ? I am often kind…”are you detached” ?…I have no fear of death whatsoever..”Do you contribute to the Earth that bore you” ? I have never really stopped trying to liberate people from themselves, and I have not ate murdered animals in over 40 years….

“What do you really really think” ? Nothing…..

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