Between you and your higher self.

Life with my first guru was not easy……NOT easy….he had many of the so called Siddhi’s, powers….the most noticeable one was his ability to read one’s thoughts…oh I don’t mean any old general perceptiveness…He would know exactly what you ate last night, how many brothers or sisters you had, deceased parents…your car that had just broken down, your accident in the bath…literally everything…..but the main “difficulty” was his “training”…he wanted to somehow get the ultimate out of you, bring out in you your ultimate potential…MY GOD, this was not easy for his devotee ! He would do things like “come between you and your friend” Oh I mean it, he would really sow a seed of discord between you and nearly everything that you think you either liked, loved or cared about……I absolutely hated him sometimes, and planned to attack him, sort him out, I even actually did shout at him once or twice…but generally there was a universal awareness of his as though divinity…..even though he acted and spoke in a way that brought out the murderer in you, you didn’t murder him, didn’t go mad, didn’t leave, one’s inner most being just “knew” he was “of the ultimate good intentions”…

Human attachment to him for the “thousand things” was the ultimate obstacle to the higher self….the ultimate you…..I very very much understand this, and have done now for a very long time now…wife, husband, job, one’s child, money, one’s friend(s), one’s achievements….ALL just mad insane ego mania…all of these things will without a doubt come VERY MUCH between you and your higher self…..year after year…clinging on to God knows what lovely innocent and decent image of oneself….ALL of those things you think you love will ALL one way or another betray you at some point…..then “God” will appear and ask of you……”but where is my glass of water ?”

Bill Bryant

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