The Ego and Heaven

Acknowledging the ego’s place in life is a sort of taboo isn’t it ? I think for the sake of real spiritual growth one MUST “break” the ego, see through it, realise that all we are is an almost mindless response to things we either like or don’t like etc etc Let us not forget the true ego maniac, one who is obsessed with their “self”…..I can remember a certain man who asked me what I thought of his music, and I had to say that I didn’t like it much….that man has attacked me every opportunity he has had now for the last 3 years !!! That is ego at it’s most common and worse……BUT if we had NO ego, there would be nothing ! Some measure of pride is exactly how even the yogi the spiritual aspirant grows, a certain “ego” is absolutely essential for any form of growth, the seed to become a tree, the baby to walk, the man to touch heaven.

Bill Bryant

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