Embrace the humility of “not knowing”

To me human knowledge is not real knowledge, so all views are equally amusing or meaningless to me in many ways, I do have preferences, and favourite people etc, but never the less, human knowledge is only mimicry…to me the way a parrot cannot know what it is saying when it speaks a human language, humans are essentially the same…whenever I hear people and their beliefs etc, all I really hear is their conditioning, they’re life’s parrot training….eg…is there a God ? Well number 1 is that we cannot possibly know…”believers” however will start screaming that they do know…atheists similarly insist that there is no God….both cannot possibly know though…all human opinions are the same…..embrace the humility of “not knowing” and look for a higher knowledge…the knowledge of understanding ones identical-ness to the rest of the universe…

Bill Bryant

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