Despite my apparent atheism

Despite my apparent atheism, I will always promise that Mahavatar Babaji very much exists, he is without a doubt a reality that walks the Earth, an incredible enigma, and a monumental challenge to man’s thinking…..

He is very very real and he is very very there for all mankind, but even he will not just “do it all for you”…first one must accept all responsibilities for one’s complete life and of ones actions, both past and present, and above all, one must be prepared to “try”…One must be more honest than ever before (truth)…one must become as though a child in one’s innocent approach to life (simplicity)…one must become “ready” to let EVERYTHING go, so as to truly move on. When one is truly ready to listen to the heartbeat of the universe, to not lay any blame anywhere, then this is what is meant by (love)…..

Truth, Simplicity, Love…..Om Namaha Shivaya…..

Breath deeply, clear your soul, be perfect…..

Bill Bryant

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