Express gratitude for whatever “answer” may come

In my life, I have mainly only ever seen and heard “Christians” act in an “opposite” of a Christian way…this has imbalanced me greatly…I often feel all but murderous and genuinely destructive toward any so called Christianic so called church…Having said that however, I am WELL aware of the near phenomenal wisdom of the bible…From Genesis which affords us a fantastic blueprint of life on Earth, from the only real explanation of creation there really is, right through to the existence and consequences of typical or original sin, …I.E. the jealousy of Caine etc….as for Jesus of course, if man could actually live according to his example and teaching, we would have paradise on Earth…In Philippians 4, it reads, “Don’t worry about anything, instead pray about everything, tell God your needs and do not forget to thank him for his answers”…I find it incredible that man has SO little awareness of this in real life…in an act of simple trust of “above”, a prayer of child like simplicity, a trust that we are children with a right to ask for help, then to “wait” for the answer, which will DEFINITELY be forthcoming, and then to express gratitude for whatever “answer” may come….This simple formula for living is real, it will work, but man MUST be humble and receptive to the judgment from above, if your own child asks for a thousand toys, you cannot give your child this, so it is with our prayers, listen, feel, be receptive, be ready for change, to learn… I said at the beginning, Christians themselves have not had the best effect on many people with their own example, BUT, the bible does actually have all the answers…..

Bill Bryant

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