Bill Bryant

Bill Bryant

Bill Bryant is a lyricist, writer and speaker on spirituality and enlightenment. He is best known for his work on the Howard Jones number one selling album, Humans Lib. Bill writes and speaks on the condition of human life and the reality of discovering one’s true origin. In daily life Bill writes that in order to feel joy in life one must sincerely care for others, that in order to inspire love in other’s one must first practice love and that one must remain peaceful at all times regardless of what happens. Bills’ lyrics and writings help to express such ideals.

In 1971 Bill met and became a devotee of the Indian Master Sree Sree Mentu Maharaj, founder of the Universal Peace Mission. Bill describes Mentu as someone who was “All knowing”, “God like”, able to make anything happen, able to change anyone in anyway whatsoever, and seemed to know everything about everyone. Bill adored Mentu and followed his teachings with extreme intensity for several years before one day himself experiencing a deeply felt transforming experience that changed his life forever. Since that time Bill has devoted his life to spiritual contemplation and disseminating his knowledge.

Bill’s best known work are the lyrics on the tracks “Conditioning”, “What is Love”, “Hunt the Self”, “Equality”, “Natural” and “Humans Lib” on the Howard Jones album, Humans Lib. The lyrics contain the principles of human liberation from self-imposed limitations, obstacles created by life’s conditioning and the powerlessness of people to experience true love, peace and joy. For several years up until the point of Howard Jones’s appearance on the public stage Bill was Howard’s promotor, guide and spiritual mentor.

Today Bill Bryant lives with his wife Jo and son William in Glastonbury, England, where his is currently preparing the material for his first book “What is Love?”.

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