Paul Linn

Bill Bryant and Paul Linn

Paul Linn is a singer/songwriter and self-taught keyboard musician of great accomplishment. He began his singing career at school singing lead in his school choir before later singing lead in several local rock/pop groups.

Early in the 1980s Paul was taken to a pub near High Wycombe (UK) to watch a local singer called Howard Jones. This was the Howard Jones that was later to have a very successful career in music beginning with the launch of the album Human’s Lib, co-written with Bill Bryant. Watching Jones, Paul was stunned at what a powerful and passionate performer he saw that night – there was no doubt in Paul’s mind, this is what he wanted to do.

Paul Linn & Bill Bryant

In 1985 Paul’s life changed forever when he was introduced to Bill Bryant. Paul and Bill instantly bonded and formed an intense friendship and musical partnership. Over five years Paul and Bill worked passionately writing some 100 songs, forming 6 albums, and performing some 330 gigs.

The music that Paul and Bill produce together is truly exceptional; a unique combination of synth pop and spiritually enlightening lyrics

Paul and Bill still write music together today and occasionally still organise live performances in the South of England.

To learn more about Paul and to sample the music of Linn & Bryant visit:

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